Insumate®- Patented Peptide Sequence mcIRBP-19: A Boon for Diabetics Says Greenyn Biotechnology

Taiwan’s biotech is gradually emerging. During the COVID-19 epidemic, we had a chance to see the advanced medical equipment and the effective preventive measures taken at the community level. The government took precautions, while private companies were introducing high-quality biotechnology products made in Taiwan. In the post-pandemic period, the world may become more sensitive to the need to strengthen prevention and improve medical treatment. The Taiwan Greenyn Group has been developing health foods for the global market for over 20 years. On Sept. 8, Greenyn Biotechnology, a member of the Greenyn Group, presented clinical results for Insumate®–Patented Peptide Sequence: mcIRBP-19.

Taiwan Greenyn Group: Chairman Wu Chia-feng (middle), CEO Luo Husan (left), and Dr. Hsu Pang-kuei (right), displaying certificates of research results.

Mr. Wu Chia Feng, Chairman of Taiwan Greenyn Group, pointed out, “Greenyn Biotechnology was established in 2012 as a subsidiary of Taiwan Greenyn Corporation. The company has many experts in medical and food biotechnology. Greenyn Biotechnology has invested heavily in research and development over the years, and finally, their products are receiving international recognition. The main goal of the company is to improve the quality of life for all people through preventive medicine.”

Among chronic diseases, the health problems caused by diabetes are particularly pervasive, and growing at an alarming rate. According to data released by the International Diabetes Federation, 463 million people were living with diabetes at the end of 2019, with related medical expenses of US$760 billion. Each year, 4.2 million people die from diabetes and its complications. With insufficient action, these numbers will continue to spiral. China, Southeast Asia, and the Western Pacific Region account for 35% of all diabetics, one third of all confirmed cases.

Dr. Yang Yi-tien (middle) of Chung Shan Medical University Hospital, which has a collaboration with Greenyn Biotechnology Corporation, displays outstanding results of randomized double-blind clinical trials.

As the company was being established nearly10 years earlier, researchers were already conducting trials on animal and human cells, and discovering that mcIRBP-19 had the potential to regulate blood sugar. Greenyn Biotechnology partnered with Chung Shan Medical University Hospital to conduct clinical trials on diabeties and functional food therapies. Professional medical teams worked tirelessly to carry out these trials, which finally obtained double approval from the Institutional Review Board (IRB). Greenyn Biotechnology confirmed on a scientific basis that a highly active extract from bitter gourd correlated with human insulin receptors. Greenyn Biotechnology called the extract “Patented Peptide Sequence: mcIRBP-19”, and the brand, “Insumate®.”

Dr. Yang Yi-Tien of Chung Shan Medical University Hospital conducted the randomized double-blind clinical trial, which confirmed that Patented Peptide Sequence: mcIRBP-19 had outstanding results on diabetic patients who undertook adjuvant therapy. The trial was conducted on 29 diabetics who were long-term patients of hypoglycemic drugs of less effectiveness. Without breaking routine drug therapy, the diabetic trials were conducted for 3 months, concluding that fasting blood sugar and glycosylated hemoglobin in the therapy group were significantly reduced. Their liver function, kidney function, and hemoglobin remained unchanged. There were no side effects of hypoglycemia and allergic gastrointestinal discomfort, which usually occur to users of oral hypoglycemic drugs. As for the control group, there was no noticeable difference. The clinical results are being submitted to an International Journal.

Taiwan Greenyn Group No.2 Factory

The unique structure of Patented Peptide Sequence: mcIRBP-19 allows for use as a pathogenic target. These results have been published in the Science Citation Index (SCI). Dr. Hsu Pang-kuei, chief of research and development at Greenyn Biotechnology, has been conducting research for more than a decade. “After many years, we discovered that mcIRBP-19 has a hypoglycemic effect on insulin-like biological activities and can bind insulin receptors. Without stimulating insulin secretion, mcIRBP-19 can participate in the body’s carbohydrate metabolism and regulate blood sugar. Besides insulin, mcIRBP-19 has been scientifically confirmed as a natural product able to bind insulin receptors to regulate blood sugar.” said Dr. Hsu. Yet another clinical trial reported that 142 diabetics who were long-term users for hypoglycemic drugs took mcIRBP-19 for 3 months, and their blood sugar indexes and glycosylated hemoglobin were well regulated. These results were published in the world-famous Journal of Nutrition.

Insumate®: mcIRBP-19 functions to regulate blood sugar, processing at low temperatures with high activity, and passing toxicity tests. This biotechnology innovation has helped Greenyn Biotechnology in obtaining 19 patent certificates and recognition from the world’s largest discovery exhibitions, the Discovery and New Products Expo (INPEX) in Pittsburgh, Pa, USA; International Discovery Exhibition of Geneva, Switzerland; and the Nuremberg International Expo (IENA) in Germany. An extensive summary of mcIRBP-19 has also been published in the Scientific Citation Index (SCI). Presently, many well-known international process manufacturers use ingredients provided by Greenyn Biotechnology to produce health foods. Greenyn Biotechnology attributes these achievements to its utmost efforts in recent years.

Insumate® –Patented Peptide Sequence: mcIRBP-19, a naturally extracted product.

As Dr. Hsu pointed out, “There are many similar products on the market, called bitter melon peptide or peptide-related peptide. But under professional tests, they are only hydrolyzed water or bitter watermelon extract. They do not contain any ingredients able to regulate blood sugar as Insumate®: mcIRBP-19. The most important thing is that strictly selected ingredients must be certified and scientifically validated locally and internationally. Only after rigorous quality testing can the product achieve its medical purpose.”

Mr. Yang Lihua, Secretary General of the Taiwan Functional Food Industry Association, said, “The Taiwan Greenyn philosophy is to rigorously pursue innovative R&D in precision medicine. We define precision medicine as a combination of prevention, healthcare, and clinical testing. Even with the support of scientific testing, improving medicine into a method of prevention takes a long time. With incredible investment and perseverance, Taiwan Greenyn has become a model for various Taiwanese industries due to continuous innovation. They have improved Taiwanese medicine into precision medicine.”

To ensure excellent product quality, Greenwyn Biotechnology has developed a comprehensive, one-stop service solution in areas such as product development, market positioning, formula design, packaging design, manufacturing design, clinical planning, marketing planning and customer service. Greenyn is dedicated to creating new futures for tomorrow’s healthy lifestyles.

Insumate®专利定序19肽 糖尿病医学再突破 台湾医疗团队临床成果亮丽


原因和饮食投入、低活动、现代生活方式、疾病、全球公共卫生、严峻挑战。国际糖尿病协会 2019 年底部公告 人数设定,全球超过 4.6 名糖尿病患者,磨损医生鸣本小辰 7600 味元,每年有 420 万人死于糖尿病或并发症。台湾糖尿病续保10年死因,死因,230万患者,Neseki Fukube,糖尿病2018年医保支出近300亿代币,第二高,社会贡献显着。血糖得到控制,患者正常需求联合治疗,但出现低血糖、低血糖、过敏、腹痛、恶心等副作用。患者增多等。机构审查委员会、中山医科大学、中山医科大学等 单单位合作,完成了两个个人 IRB 审 审 审 计计 计 计 辅 踊 踊 踊 踊 踊


中山医科大学中山医科大学医学中心,双盲,实证研究,Peptide 19th,糖尿病。第29名:Insumtate ® Insumtate ®专 踓 荪 给 给 给 軙Therapist。3个月后,“治疗组”饥饿血糖降低9.7%,糖化血糖降低6.3%,肝功能、血红蛋白功能、血红蛋白肠转化、肠烦躁、糖尿病副作用、低血糖、过敏性胃功能不全……等症状,血红蛋白和血红蛋白。专利说明,专利,19肽,3个月,辅协助,测序,测序,专利,即将在国际上发布。

徐序序博士,今年四月,今年四月,国际知名名词,营养素,人体实验研究,评估专踓评肽 原因第142位 在长期不合格的高血糖2型糖尿病患者中,第64位受到挑战。研究结果显示,3例患者平均饥饿血糖下降118mg/dL,糖化血糖下降7.4%,接近正常。甘油三酯甜油,血尿素,胆固醇,22.5%,4.9%,高密度,胆固醇,胆固醇,5.6%,对照组,胆固醇。这是一项人体研究,而糖尿病则相反。Future Shoshin Ippei Research, Search Insumate ® Patent Sequencing 19 肽


徐瑛博士指出,“Insumate ® Patent Sequencing 19 肽”Aoi Seisakusho Science 10 多年的单级研究,在极少磨损时,指定活性成分需求的宝物.. 经过对研究的精确分析,这种不含任何相关产品或相关产品的活性成分是干粉或粗产品,是产品的消费者。营养师胁菁 适应症,专谓肽证 19 胰岛素受体,突破葡萄糖通道粪便后血糖,改善糖化血蛋白,晚期糖化血脂,低体脂。

Insumtate ® Insumtate ®专 踓踓踓 19 肽 肓 踽 踽踽获 19 张获获 19 张获 19 获 19 张获 19 张 获 19 张 获 每个大型企业生产的即时可用的食品。Insumtate ®专利测序 19 项肽和防雷专利。

常春月刊: 苦瓜肽真能控糖?


有鉴于此,台湾业者与医学院合作,历经10年研究,终于从苦瓜中发现与人体胰岛素受体具高亲和力的活性成 分――「专利定序19肽」,国际统称「mclRBPTM-19」,自2013年起陆续于国际期刊共发表4篇科学研究报告,分别从细胞、动物及人体临床试验进行验效。
人体需要启动葡萄糖搬运机转,将血液中葡萄糖运送至细胞内,否则就会变成高血糖。生化专家徐榜奎博士表示,萃取 自苦瓜的专利定序19肽(mclRBPTM-19),是除了胰岛素以外,目前经科学证实可结合胰岛素受体的天然物,可维持血糖稳定;为了进一步确认效果,选择142位领取糖尿病慢性处方笺,但药物治疗效果未达理想,血糖值介于120~140的患者,在原本用药不变的情况下,3个月后抽血检查 发现,并用专利定序19肽(mclRBPTM-19)的受试组不但空腹血糖下降,糖化血红蛋白亦明显改善。


连续多篇研究报告的发表使苦瓜肽渐受瞩目,但徐榜奎博士表示,专利定序19 肽(mclRBPTM-19)为极宝贵的成分,需特定的制程与良好的生产管理才能得到最佳的功效,而研究团队经分析发现,坊间 许多标榜苦瓜肽的产品并未含有此成分,只是单纯苦瓜水解物或是苦瓜萃取,以致于功效不彰造成消费者权益受损,所以,选购时要特别注意。

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